P. O. Box 566, Jackson, NJ 08527
Fragrance Color Description
Angel Kiss Off white Very soft floral fragrance
Asian Fantasy Deep red/maroon Sensual exotic flowers
Baby Powder Off white Soft powder scent, just like a baby
Baby’s Breath Chiffon Orange A lighter powdery scent than Baby Powder
Banana Nut Bread Tan/light brown Baked banana nut bread
Candy Cane Off white Lovely peppermint and vanilla
Carnation Light Pink Very fragrant floral
Carrot Cake Burnt Orange Fresh baked carrot cake
Christmas Tree Deep green A lovely fresh evergreen scent
Citrus Breeze Yellow/green A lovely soft citrus
Cranberry Deep red Lovely tart cranberry
Cucumber Melon Very light green Love that cucumber and melon mix
Floral Berry Deep pink A floral/berry mix, makes a warm delicious scent
Floral Bouquet Medium pink A lovely, very fragrant, bouquet of flowers
Green Apple Light green Freshly sliced green apple
Green Tea Light green A lovely brisk smell of green tea
Honeydew Melon Very light green A rich sweet melon scent
Hot Apple Pie Tan Just like grandma made
Lavender Lavender Did anyone just pick a lavender bouquet?
Lavender Cream Light purple Lovely creamy lavender
Lemon-Lavender Light purple Lovely mix of lemon and lavender
Lemongrass Fairly bright yellow Lovely citrus lemon
Lily of the Valley Off white Just like the flower
Linen Off white Fresh clean laundry scent
Midnight Fantasy Dark teal A musky incense fragrance
Mulberry Deep pink/red Fresh fruit from the mulberry bush
Orange Burst Orange Lovely citrus orange scent
Orange Mint Very light orange Citrus orange with a hint of peppermint
Orchid Light purple Full bodied orchid floral fragrance
Passionate Kiss Very light pink Lovely berry blend, not too sweet
Patchouli Cream Very strong down to earth musk
Patchouli Orange Cream Patchouli with a touch of orange
Peaches ‘n Cream Very light orange Creamy peach/vanilla
Peppermint Off white Strong refreshing peppermint
Pina Colada Off white Anyone say coconut?
Pomegranate Deep Pink/red A not overly sweet fruit, just right
Pumpkin Pie Burnt orange A sweet smelling pumpkin pie
Pumpkin Spice Burnt orange Pumpkin pie all spiced up
Raspberry Deep pink Lovely sweet smelling fresh raspberry
Rose Deep pink A strong floral fragrance, just like a rose
Secret Garden Medium purple A floral garden
Spiced Orange Light orange Orange all spiced up
Steamy Beach Off white Peach, orange, cranberry mix
Strawberry Cream Pink/red Fresh strawberries and cream
Sugar Cookie Tan Fresh baked sugar cookies
Summer Floral Mauve All that fragrance of a summer garden
Sunflower Yellow A lovely sunny floral fragrance
Sweet Pea Light pink Wonderful sweet floral fragrance
Sweet Surprise Medium Pink Very light fruity floral
Tropical Delight Medium green Lovely mixture of tropical fruit
Tropical Sunrise Off white Lovely clean smell of the tropics
Vanilla Off white Wonderful vanilla bean